Call it the "McCreamy" Goodies Giveaway

Hopefully you are a Grey's Anatomy fan to get the title.

So I finally got all the goodies together, mine and all the wonderful donations and shipped off for the ParTea Mother's Day Goodies Giveaway.

I chose to make them a "Cream Tea" gift basket, defined by Tea Embassy as:
"In tea culture of the United Kingdom, a cream tea consists of simply hot tea, scones, and clotted cream or other condiments for the scones. This is an informal time for guests of a household to share tea and conversation with a light snack."

Included is:
*My yummy Cream Scones mix
*My favorite Sweet Cream black tea (one that I serve at my tea parties)
*Creamy Lemon Curd made by Trader Joes (my favorite - not too tart)
*Clotted Cream
*Creamy white teacup & saucer, luncheon plate, tea-for-one teapot
*Pink linen serviette
*Pink feather boa
*ParTea note cards
...all in a cute stripe bread basket (could be used for a small tray)

So ladies, enjoy! And I look forward to seeing your "ParTea" pictures!


Donations for the Mother's Day Giveaway Goodies!

(((Okay, this is embarrassing. I was working on this whole post as a draft. Somehow hit publish -didn't know it- and started getting comments. I had taken notes of every one's donations and didn't finish with all the photos and proper credit! So if you visited this post earlier, please don't feel like I was dissin' ya!)))

On to the show....

Thank You so much The Scented Cottage
for the Honey Bee Spoon and Scented Candle in a Demi Teacup

Thank You so much a Bit of Pink Heaven
for providing the Tea Cozy
(and for the heavenly soap bar you made me! I love-love-love Pink Sugar!)

Thank You so much Happy as a Lark Designs
for the Handcrafted Vintage Demi Fan

Thank You so much Lorenzstudio
for the pair of Melamine Retro Teacups tied in a basket

Thank You so much Thrifty Goodness
for the Handmade Teacup Pin Cushion

Thank You so much Calamity Kim
for the Retro Waist Apron, Blue Willow Teacup & Saucer, Little Teabook, Nest Graphic Postcard, Crochet Doiley,
Handmade Chenille & Cotton Bunting

Look at the detail!

Thank You so much C. Crafts and Collectibles
for the
Tea Theme Lace Table Runner

Thank You so much Norththreads
for the Handmade Felt Egg Shape Sugar Cookies

Thank you so much Sweet Repeats
for the Tins of Tea!

Thank You so much J Designs
for the personalized Toile Notecards

PHOTO COMING! I PROMISE! (my camera battery died)
Thank you so much Cathy's Wraps
for the wrapped floral conatainers.

So to everyone who graciously donated to my first blog giveaway, I appreciate it so much! I am still blown away by the generosity! I had know idea it would turn out so GRAND!

I hope that your talents and gift-giving heart has "paid it forward" and the goodness karma will come back to you.

Again my most sincere thanks. Please contact me in the future should you need the favor returned....

Big hugs,


And the Mother's Day Goodies Giveway goes to...

Driving home from picking up the boys from school today:

"Okay boys. When we get home, I'm going to need your help. I'm having a contest - it's kinda like a game- and I need you guys to draw names for me."

"But Mawm! Ryan can't help you with that!" the eldest one exclaims.

"Why not?"

"Because he doesn't even know how to draw yet!"

Please email me your snail mail so that I can get the goodies out to y'all. There are some kind donations still coming in, so I probably won't get the parcels out until late this week. I will also be updating this blog with all the photos and links of those who contributed.

Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing you have a quaint tea time with the goodies!

And a huge thank you to all the ladies who graciously donated their talents, gifts and heart to this giveaway. I appreciate it more than words can express...

The ParTea Planner
email for the giveaway: parteagoodiesgiveaway [at] gmail [dot] com

(P.S. Thanks for ignoring how dirty my kids' fingernails are.)


Mother's Day ParTea Goodies Giveaway

In honor of Mother's Day,
I am proud to be able to sponsor a
First Annual
Mother's Day ParTea Goodies Giveaway
Drawing on May 1st, 2007

You are cordially invited to enter a drawing for a gift basket (or tray, whatever) of tea time goodies. I will be giving away wonderful tea pretties, thrifty finds and the like. If you would like to donate an item please see below.

To join in on the fun, read on...

To enter into the drawing you may either leave a comment on this post, but you will need to provide your real first name +plus+ your email/blog url. If your name is drawn, I will need to reach you somehow to let you know that you won -OR- you can email me directly at parteagoodiesgiveaway [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you win, I'll need your snail mail addy to ship the goodies box.

The deadline to enter the drawing is April 3oth.

If there is enough of a response, then there may be additional drawings.

You do not have to be a mother to enter.

I can only afford to ship the goodies box to the U.S. (I'm so sorry international friends!)

Dems Da Rules:
If you decide to enter the drawing, I ask of you to be a good sport and request the following:

*That you have a blog.

*That you copy the Mother's Day Goodies Giveaway graphic (here is the graphic url, or just right-click on the one in the upper right, then upload) and upload it to your side column and direct blogging peeps to TheParTeaPlannerBlog.com so they can enter too (or at least to check it out, I know not everyone loves tea stuff like I do!).

Since I am new to the blogging world, nobody knows me and I only have, like, three blog friends. So I need your help to get the word out about the giveaway. Even if you don't care to enter to win, but would like to add the graphic and info to your blog anyway, it would make me a happy chica.

*That you appreciate tea stuff, and not just entering to see if you win or to give it away.

*That if you win, you pinkie promise to have a little parTea with the goodies and show pics on your blog.

Wanna Donate for the Cause?
If you are a talented crafter, sewer, knitter, scrapper, candle-stick maker, tea shop owner, jelly maker, antique dealer, etsy shop owner, etc. and would like to donate a tea-related goodie, by all means spread the tea luv!

Should you like to participate just let me know and I will include a holla'back to your blog and letting the blog world know about your generous gift (I will take a pic of every donation and showcase it). And if your big heart is so inclined and you want to throw in an extra goodie for this parTea girl, I'll cherish it!

You may mail your giftie donation to:

Risa Provencio
P.O. Box 73223
San Clemente, CA 92673

All donations must arrive by May 1st, 2007 so I can wrap it up.


This should be fun and I look forward to seeing who wins! Thank you for stopping by...

The ParTea Planner