Call it the "McCreamy" Goodies Giveaway

Hopefully you are a Grey's Anatomy fan to get the title.

So I finally got all the goodies together, mine and all the wonderful donations and shipped off for the ParTea Mother's Day Goodies Giveaway.

I chose to make them a "Cream Tea" gift basket, defined by Tea Embassy as:
"In tea culture of the United Kingdom, a cream tea consists of simply hot tea, scones, and clotted cream or other condiments for the scones. This is an informal time for guests of a household to share tea and conversation with a light snack."

Included is:
*My yummy Cream Scones mix
*My favorite Sweet Cream black tea (one that I serve at my tea parties)
*Creamy Lemon Curd made by Trader Joes (my favorite - not too tart)
*Clotted Cream
*Creamy white teacup & saucer, luncheon plate, tea-for-one teapot
*Pink linen serviette
*Pink feather boa
*ParTea note cards
...all in a cute stripe bread basket (could be used for a small tray)

So ladies, enjoy! And I look forward to seeing your "ParTea" pictures!

1 comment:

Robin said...

OH....Risa...your pictures are soooo much better than mine!! I think I need to copy yours...:/.

I was getting ready to begin a post about my basket of goodies, so I popped over here, and voila! I find this :). Presentation is everything, darling, and you've done a lovely job!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I haven't yet had a tea party (I've barely brushed my hair or teeth lately :/, but OH, how thrilled I was to receive your GRACIOUS prize pack! You are generous to a tee...or is that tea? ;)

Thanks, too, to the others who helped make this gifting possible. I'm touched by every drop of kindness :).